Oak Sawdust

Very clean sawdust, not many wood chunks or trash. Empty caulk tubes is all I have found in loads I have used.
$10 a heaping bobcat scoop, about 9 cu.ft.
$150 for a 14' load trailer, about 20 scoops, delivery charge included in price. 50 mile radius from Bates City MO and no KS deliveries. Cash only. Would probably have to be on the weekend.
Call 816 625 3170 to schedule an appt. Please leave a message if I don't answer!
Thank you,


Rascal - Free for Adoption to Loving Home

I am a cat rescuer and this little guy is truly a gem.
I have had Rascal since a tiny kitten that I nursed back to health from a dog attack, about 14 years ago.

He is very loving and will talk to you. He also loves to ride on your shoulders--without using claws to hang on!

His quirks are afraid of the outside so he'd need to be an indoor kitty only, afraid of dogs ANY size, and very jealous of other kitties so best in a one cat household.

He's box-trained obviously and scratching post trained. He will pop his claws on furniture if he is upset with you just to get your attention but has not been destructive since a kitten and got the idea of post only. Bare 2x4's in an unfinished basement he also enjoys. Paper towel rolls are another favorite!

Rascal is neutered and free from feline leukemia and AIDS. His shots are not current because I do not allow any of my kitties outside due to coyotes and bobcats and heavy traffic. He's about 14 years old.
He weighs 10 lbs. and is a short-haired tabby--not too shed prone and luxurious feeling coat.

He can't chew down his toenails so you would need to clip the tips off occasionally so he doesn't catch his toes in the carpet, etc.  The dog attack when he was a kitten did permanent damage to his jaws and sometimes he will just start drooling. This flares up occasionally.